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THE STORY V VON GOAT - FAST FOUNDED FOR SLOW FASHION HELLO - We are working on the best German translation for 100% Cashmere ! Now you can join ! The three-person design, fashion and management crew in Nuremberg has set its mind on developing a sustainable „made to order“ collection. Unusual designs collide with the wildest colours. We work hand in hand with the long experience of Nepalese workshops to combine responsible sourcing and fashion coolness. The result is a cozy connection between stylish pieces and sustainable handicraft as the most beautiful ADD ON of styling. Hand-felted cashmere - without any additives, we want to keep it simple & warm ! Simply out of passion for soft fashion. CASHMERE LOVE - 100% HAPPY GOAT - NOT A SEASONAL THING - HANDMADE IN NEPAL So that the collection can be enjoyed in body & soul, - yes fish is always a topic - thanks to our origin, we have integrated a great carp, so that we can not be accused of a lack of taste! GOOD BUY AND TAKE CARE! YOUR V VON GOAT TEAM

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